Last week, I read a blog post about using Google Drive as phishing page to steal users’ account information. In spite of being an user frequently handling Google Drive to store data as well as using Google’s preview function, I was quite surprised when finding this information.

Bkav Honeypot has recently detected many phishing emails impersonating 2 famous media and The emails tell attractive story about making money easily on the Internet.

Market for Android applications and games is developing significantly. Beside official source Google Play, users have other different choices including downloading apps shared on websites or relying on external app stores. According to research by Bkav, these sources always contain potential risks to users.

We have recently got complaints from our customers about virus warning notifications despite their phones have been scanned with Bkav Mobile Security. Examining the issue, we found out that the confusion is caused by dubious Google Ads on some free apps.

Bkav Internet Security Corporation says 30% of Google search results for keywords relating to Flappy Bird download lead to impostors. Global users searching for the game will be directed to sources in Vietnam, Flappy Bird's homeland, and some other sources in Russia, facing the risk, Bkav adds.

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