On September 09, 2009, at Sheraton Hotel (Hanoi), BkavPro 2009 Internet Security was officially launched. The software is Bkis' strategic product in the outreaching plan toward global market. BkavPro 2009 Internet Security has now been available for purchase via Bkis distribution channels - 300 BkavPro agencies in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.



Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Ministry was the honored guest in BkavPro 2009 Internet Security launching ceremony. There were also Bkav agencies and business partners in Northern region and more than 60 reporters from the media nationwide participating in the event.




The software splendid debut came in the form of an impressive dancing.


Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, General Director of Bkis, said that the new product has been upgraded with new features, namely, Real-time Protection, Rootkit and metamorphic virus removal.



Credit: Dantri

Eight new features are also added to BkavPro 2009 Internet Security, namely USB Protection, Proactive Protection, Heuristic, Web Protection, Self-Defense, Reputation Based Detection and Parental Control (control accesses to malicious websites such as porn sites, etc.)


The Beta version of BkavPro 2009 Internet Security was released on August 25, 2009. There were as many as 150,000 customers trying this Beta version.


Two important technologies are also applied in the official version issued on September 29, 2009, namely Reputation Based Detection and Parental Control.

With Reputation Based Detection, the objects which need scanning are automatically categorized into groups based on their “reputation”. BkavPro 2009 Internet Security applies different tactics for different groups of objects. This technology simulates the epidemic control procedure in which the people coming from infected areas will be quarantined and experience stricter surveillance compared with those coming from safe areas.


BkavPro 2009 Internet Security’s virus scan technology is also improved. In addition to the conventional scan, this version also offers Quick Scan, Smart Scan, Deep Scan and compressed files scan.

The weaknesses and shortcomings in the older version have also been fixed based on the recommendations of users nationwide for example, the software provides partial definition update, leading to shorter update time and traffic saving, faster loading at system start-up and RAM saving when running as background service.


BkavPro 2009 Internet Security customers also enjoy direct technical support from top Bkav technicians and specialists. The number of Bkav customers is expected to grow quickly after the launch of BkavPro 2009 Internet Security. Bkav Contact Center has now been expanded to afford millions of customers support.


BkavPro 2009 Internet Security is entirely compatible with Windows 7 - the new operating system to be launched.



BkavPro 2009 Internet Security is Bkis' strategic product in the outreaching plan toward global market,” Mr. Quang said.


At BkavPro 2009 Internet Security launching ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Ministry, said that: “The launch of an anti-virus software developed by domestic specialists is an important milestone in the development of Vietnam's information technology industry. The Ministry speaks really highly of your achievement. Hope that BkavPro 2009 Internet Security will soon overcome external competitors and become the ruling product in Vietnamese anti-virus market".

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