Founded on December 28, 2001 with only 2 members, after 8 years Bkis has grown into a solid union with as many as 500 members. Most of them are young and dedicated specialists and technicians. Bkis celebrated its 8th birthday with a Music show at Youth Theatre and a Game day at West Lake WaterPark.



 Below are some activities in the birthday celebration in two days, December 26 and 27.


ThanhLapBkis 1



The Music show on the night of December 26 was opened with a dancing performance of “Little Angels” from Nightingale Club.



  ThanhLapBkis 2



My Lan as a graceful MC



When virus specialists and security researchers become artists …


Bkis members have prepared their own performance for a meaningful Music show on Bkis birthday celebration. Singing and dancing on the stage, Bkisers performed like professional singers and actors.


 ThanhLapBkis 3




ThanhLapBkis 4

ThanhLapBkis 5


ThanhLapBkis 6



 ThanhLapBkis 7



ThanhLapBkis 8



ThanhLapBkis 9



ThanhLapBkis 10



ThanhLapBkis 11



ThanhLapBkis 12



ThanhLapBkis 13



ThanhLapBkis 15



All the performances shown to be carefully practised and organized



ThanhLapBkis 16



Bkis General Director Nguyen Tu Quang – the male voice choir of Board of Leadership in the performance “Motherland Honoring” by Ho Bac





ThanhLapBkis 17



ThanhLapBkis 18



“Bkis-made” music performance, full of inspiration, drew audience’s attention from the beginning to the end of the music show.



 ThanhLapBkis 19



Awarding the team with best performance






Amateur performers’ cheerfulness after 2 month hard practice



Bkis “athletics” in the Game day




Leaving the familiar computers and daily workload, on December 27 morning, Bkis staff headed for West Lake Waterpark to enjoy a relaxing day together.







West Lake Waterpark was splendidly decorated to welcome Bkis members to exciting games




































Even when playing game, all Bkis members also showed their “one-for-all” spirit as well as their “all-out effort” just like what they show at work.







Two PGs, Hong Nhung and Nina, also enthusiastically participated in the games with Bkis family.











Success comes as result of solidarity.









Bkis today with more than 500 members.





Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, Bkis General Director, said in the company’s 8th birthday celebration: “Eight years after the foundation, Bkis has grown into a solid union with more than 500 members from a 2 member center at the beginning. The Music show and the Game day were held to enhance the solidarity among company’s staff. ”





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