Today, April 18th, Bkis has released Bkis Conficker Scanner which can detect Conficker infected PCs in a network. Network administrators can download the software :

Download here

How to use the software


Main program interface

In order to locate Conficker infected PCs, network administrators can flow these steps:

·         Step 1 : Identify the available IP ranges on the network.

·         Step 2 : Select one in two options

o    IP Range: If your system consists of single IP range (for instance: –

o    IP Custom: If your network consists of different IP ranges, or you want to scan a specific PC (for instance:;;

·         Step 3 : Select Show infected Hosts only (by default) to view infected PCs only.

·         Step 4 : Click on Scan, the program will start scanning. When scanning is finished, the Message “Scanner finish” appears.

Scanning Result

Network scanning result will be displayed in the main interface as below:


Program interface after network scanning is finished

·         Active Hosts : Number of PCs in the network.

·         Infected Hosts  : Number of infected PCs.

·         Result : Show scanning result including IP Addresses and the names of infected PCs (Computer Name). If either “Check RPC” column or “Check Port” column displays the word “Infected”, then the PC is harboring Conficker.

·         Export : In order to save the scanning result, click on Export, choose then name the file and browse to expected folder. The file will be saved in *.cvs format.

Note : This version could run on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003.



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