Hackers’ hiding behind banks to send spam emails, cheating users is happening more frequently each day. The two latest victims are big banks: HSBC and Citibank.

Picture 1: Spam email disguising as from HSBC

Picture 2: Email impersonating HSBC

Besides attaching virus (executable file with word, excel, pdf, etc. icons; office files exploiting vulnerabilities), hackers do not forget faking banks’ note at the end of the mails to make them “look like real”.

When the attachment is opened, the virus will immediately infect computers, connect and get commands from control servers. Additionally, it silently gets and sends hackers cookies of browsers to steal users’ bank accounts, emails, etc.

Receiving similar emails, users are advised to be vigilant towards their attachments. To be more secured, you can run the files with Safe Run feature of Bkav Internet Security.

Pham Hoang Dat

Malware Researcher

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