Bkav Honeypot has recently detected many phishing emails impersonating 2 famous media and The emails tell attractive story about making money easily on the Internet.

Users, if don’t check the emails’ addresses carefully and quickly believe in the media’s reputation, will be directed to a fake article about a single mum who earned hundred thousands of dollars each year through the Internet without buying and selling anything. The purpose of the impersonation is to encourage users’ belief in the story.

After making users believe, bad guys direct them to a registration website. Here, users will have to pay for the registration, waste time to click on the ads and end in getting back nothing.

It is possible to say that hackers have made a perfect script to siphon your hard-earned money.

Bkav recommend users carefully check addresses of the received emails before believing their content. Users should also maintain vigilance towards attractive but simple callings, because attractive things are never simple.

Nguyen Cong Cuong

Senior malware researcher

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