When Spring comes, on the second Sunday of March, the clocks are adjusted forward 1 hour in many countries. This is because in Spring, the sunlight comes earlier and goes later in the afternoon. Consequently, the time adjustment helps save energy as the time for turning on the lights is delayed. The clocks are adjusted backward in Autumn.

In 2010, the time for clock adjustment is at 2 A.M, March 14.

Anticipating that users will look for the information related to this year Daylight saving time to adjust their clocks properly, bad guys have taken advantage of Blackhat SEO technique to insert malicious links into the search results.

Specifically, if you search with the key words "Day Light Savings 2010", you can be redirected to websites providing fake AVs.

Clicking the above search results, you will be redirected to websites with fake Windows interface, giving virus alerts.

Fake Windows Vista

Fake Windows XP

Are you worried on seeing such virus alerts?

Without caution, you would possibly be tricked into downloading these fake AVs onto your computers.

The interface of website downloading fake AV on Internet Explorer

Thus, be careful when searching on the Internet.

Bkav users are protected when surfing the Internet, since our Lab constantly monitors and updates such fake AV systems.

Author: Bkis Task Force Team

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