Emails from Santa

This year-end is coming nearer with two important holidays namely, Christmas and New Year. People tend to show more interest in these holiday related themes.

Taking advantage of this tendency, bad guys often exploit symbolized images of these year-end holidays to attack users. Distributed spams entice users to click the links that one may have no idea to which they will be redirected.


The above pictures exemplifies a spam taking advantage of Santa image. In fact, if users click on the email's link, their browser will be automatically redirected three consecutive times to a website which has nothing to deal with Santa or Christmas.

Apparently, Santa image is taken advantage by spammers to draw more users to click on the links with aim to advertise a certain service. Similarly, virus distributors can also take advantage of these occasions to spread malware.  XmasStorm last year is an example.

Thus, you should take precaution when these year-end holidays are coming. Do not to open unknown attach files or click on strange links received. You should also use updated antivirus software to protect your computer from such risks.

By Hoai Linh

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