What would you do if your inbox has an email from FBI? Today, I received an email from FBI. Sender is Mr. Bill Nicholson (, “Special Agent” from “Federal Bureau of Investigation”. I wonder he is “Nicholson” or ‘Nischolson”.

From the email, I was informed that I am a lottery winner. However, I need to contact an FBI agent (who is located in Nigeria) and pay a fee in order to process with the transaction. Also, you have to provide him some credentials.

The email posing as FBI

This email is more sophisticated than the Yahoo fake email. If you decide to reply the email, your email will be sent to Mr. Femi Cole. This “agent”, in fact, is a hacker. You are sending email to a hacker:

The email is actually sent from

Phishing emails posing as FBI are not new. However, many victims still fall prey to this type of emails, because they will likely think that it is from Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Nowadays, hackers are capable of posing as any big names such as FBI, Microsoft, Google or Yahoo, etc. Please be cautious if you suddenly receive any email informing that you can receive a large amount of cash and you need to contact someone to get it. There is no such easy thing in real life.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Security Researcher

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