The heat of Gangnam Style has spread to cyber criminals. Mentioning Psy, there are perhaps only a few people who do not know he is a famous Korean rapper, whose horse dance has taken the world by storm.  The dance has once again struck the world recently, this time the world of computer virus.

Taking advantage of the popularity of Psy as well as of Gangnam Style dance, hackers have spread shocking “messages” about this rapper on Facebook. The messages, of course, contain malicious links:

Picture 1: A message on Facebook

To make the message more shocking and to awake people’s curiosity, the link induces users to a video in which Facebook’s establisher Mark Zuckerberg “announces to close Facebook” . 

Picture 2: Virus’ video

Of course, like previous scenarios, in order to watch the video, users must agree to download and install one add-on for their browsers. Do not follow what the message says, or malicious add-on will be installed and you will become a “broadcaster” to post “dirty messages” on your friend’s Facebook walls.

In case you have accidently clicked on the link and installed the bogus plugin, quickly remove the add-on from your browser before your friends’ walls are filled with malicious messages.

With FireFox, access Tools => Add-ons => Extensions to remove that fake YouTube extension. While, for Chrome users, just go to Tools => Extensions in the Config menu to do the removal.

Nguyen Cong Cuong

Senior Malware Researcher

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