We have always advised our customers to install only one AV software on each computer.

It is necessary to use one and only one AV on your computer to ensure stable operation and best AV function. In addition, this avoids the risks of AVs confliction that may lead to false detection and weak system protection capacity by AVs. The problem is users sometimes want to install multiple AV softwares to protect their computers, which is not a good idea.

I accidentally came across the question of whether or not many AVs should be installed on one PC in an article by Lincoln Spector (a professor in finding solutions to readers' most vexing PC problems) about One or Two Anti-Malware Programs. The answer that Lincoln gave in his article is the same as our viewpoint. You can read the article here for more details.

Microsoft also recommends that there should be only one antivirus software on a computer. The installation of more than one antivirus programs on the same system will lead to software conflicts which may result in false recognition, system instability or even system crash. Of course, if you are a software specialist and you want to compare different AVs by installing them on your computer or anything else like that etc.; it is up to you. If you are a common user, a stable and secure Internet access is all that you want, only one AV on your computer is enough.

Well, in some cases, your computer may, by some unlucky reasons, get infected by viruses or errors that you are unable to resolve yourself; a timely support from the AV vendor would help. Using BkavPro 2009 IS you would not only have the software for virus detection and removal but also the timely support from our virus experts in solving problems on your computer.

Author: Nguyen Thanh Tuan

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