April Fools’ Day is the day of fun jokes or hoaxes on friends, family members and others who would enjoy instead of getting angry. However, computer users would hardly find it fun when fooled by FakeAV.

As per our research, many keywords related to April Fools’ Day are BHSEO-ed and they would lead searchers to FakeAV. For example: "April Fools Day 2010", "April Fools Day Recipes", "April Fools Day History",  "April Fools Day Origin", "April Fools Jokes Pranks",  "April Fools Day Pranks For School", "April Fools Jokes For Kids",  "April Fools Jokes For Teachers",  "April Fools Jokes For Work"…

The number of April Fools’ Day keywords exploited  this time is particularly higher than other waves of BHSEO attacks, which shows hackers’ greater interest in this event.

Many searching results related to April Fool’s Day would lead to FakeAV

If clicking any malicious results, users will be redirected to FakeAV websites. A warning will appear, saying that “your computer is vulnerable to malware attacks” and then require virus scanning.

Fake virus warning

Then, you will see a fake virus scan process showing many virus infections on your computer

FakeAV scanning for viruses

The FakeAV website would constantly asks you to download a bogus update to fix the system’s vulnerability.

Fake update

And if you choose to download and install this patch, your computer will be infected with malware.

We recommend users to take caution while searching Internet for April Fools’ Day related stuffs as well as other information. Users should update the latest version of their AV softwares to protect themselves. We have updated these malware signatures into our Bkav antivirus software’s database, by the way.

Bkis Taskforce Team

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