1.256.000 PCs in Vietnam have been infected by a Chinese virus named W32.Kavo and its variants in June 2008. The statistic result given by Bkis virus supervisory system also shows that there were 639 new variants of Kavo found in the wild in this month, which means 21.3 new variants daily and sets a new record of virus varying speed.

Since its first appearance on 09/11/2007, W32.Kavo has had 3.191 variants seen on the Internet. Infected systems are reported to be taken complete control by attackers, be stolen sensitive imformation, unable to display files with hidden attribute set and have Yahoo!Messenger been out of order.

Using Hook Message technique, W32.Kavo hooks itself to the memory allocated for every GUI processes being executed on the computer. In this way, Kavo will be able to  search the memory and reveal users’ account passwords. Due to a programming error; howerver, when interfering in Yahoo!Messenger’s memory, it causes a memory exception, consequently crashing the complete Yahoo!Messenger processing. On that account, a lot of Yahoo!Messenger users in Vietnam encounter the problem of  having this program crashed each time they sign in.

To be safe from this, you should download the lastest version of Bkav from


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