Yesterday, two systems supervising the activity of Conficker 24/24 are set up by Bkis. The first system is Honeypot to trap Conficker “call home” globally. And the second is Bkis Radar System to find the source of the distribution by scanning 50 thousand domain names that Conficker might use on April 1st.

“Because the time zones vary between countries around the world, while America has just started the day of April 1st, most countries in Asia and Europe have already experienced it. The statistic results collected by Bkis Radar and Honeypot Systems show that Conficker hasn’t shown any sign that it is returning in Asia and Europe. However, this doesn’t assure that the worm won’t return on April 1st as it still takes 16 hours more for America to pass this day.” said Nguyen Tu Quang, Bkis CEO.

The Honeypot of Bkis also reports that 1.1 million Conficker infected computers “called home” in 102 Asian and European countries have pass the first of April, among which China has the most number of computers infected by Conficker.C of 17.57 percent, next comes is Russia with 10.18 percent.

Statistic of computers infected by Conficker.C

Statistics of computers infected by Conficker.C


Conficker Global Monitoring System

Our Honeypot has also recorded that the first call home was from Korea at 0:37 GMT. After 24 hours in Asian and European countries, most of the computers infected Conficker.C have called home. There has not been any new version of the worm updated yet.

So the number of computers infected by Conficker.C has decreased compared to the previous statistic of 10 million computers. This might be due to the fact that users have updated their Windows operating system with the MS08-067 security patch and scanned their system for viruses.

We will continue to track and update information when there are new happenings.

About Bkis

Vietnamese leading Internet Security Company in Asia - Pacific. Cofounder of APCERT - Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Teams. Bkis is known as an antivirus vendor with Bkav, the most popular antivirus software in Vietnam, which has more than 10 million users.

Recently, in September 2008, Bkis discovered the SaveAs Function vulnerability in Google Chrome and Face Recognition Algorithm in Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba laptops.


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