SMS Scams

By Nguyen Minh Duc / Manager - Application Security Department, Bkis

Users have recently reported to Bkis that they received a SMS saying “You won $123,000 USD, contact (wu[removed] and send your email address by sms text message to (+856[removed]489) to get more information on how to claim the money.” According to our analysis, the number sending this SMS has Laos’ area code.


The SMS is in fact a kind of scam. Scams are often spread via emails which take advantage of the victims’ credulity or greed. Most of these emails are fake prize winning notices.

Lately, making use of SMS Scams like the SMS above, fraudsters tend to target mobile phone users. These scams are currently not as widespread as Email ones, but users are much more likely to be tricked. This is because using mobile phones makes people feel much closer to the one they are communicating with than when using computers.

If the victims reply the SMS or call the fraudsters, they will be enticed into paying a fee in order to receive big winning money. Of course, the victims will never get the promised sum of money. Additionally, the fraudsters might have successfully harvested the naives’ private details by requiring them to SMS back some personal information.

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