There has been a new wave of spam on VBB forums targeting registered users. Miscreants fake forum administrators sending PMs to individual users, warning about Dashfer virus – a fake gateway virus.

Spam forum

In fact, such links lead users to websites with fake AVs. The interfaces of these websites look like that of Windows Explorer of Windows XP, which makes users think that their computers have actually been infected with virus and will themselves download the fake AVs.


Normally, fake AVs associate with BlackHat SEO. However, this time we see the combination between fake AVs and spam on forum. This shows that bad guys will never stop looking for new tricks to infect virus to users’ computers.

You need to be really cautious with the information received from the Internet. And at the same time, update your antivirus software with the latest version. If there are any troubles with your computers, contact the professional supporters from your AV vendors for help.

Analyst: Manh Hoai

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