Recently, we have noticed a considerable increase in the number of attacks impersonating Yahoo. Hacker posing as “The Yahoo! Mail Team” sends victims emails with subject “Update Your Account!!!”.

Emails with Yahoo’s logo inform that Yahoo will shut down some accounts of users for security reasons. To avoid this, users have to confirm their email accounts by replying this email with their personal information including passwords.

It’s hard for victims to recognize this Yahoo! fake email.

When users reply this email to provide their usernames and passwords, their email will not be sent to Yahoo, but to hacker’s emails. This is one of the hacker’s email addresses:

Specifically, the header of the spam emails is as below:

Hacker uses a server named SAMSUNG-PC with IP from the U.S.A

If you are gullible, you may easily fall victim to such phishing campaign. In fact, there is no company requiring you to provide them with your username and password in an email.

Users should be cautious, not to disclose such sensitive information as password or credit card information to anyone.

Tran Hoai Linh
Security Researcher

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