According to the latest research by Bkav, despite Facebook’s efforts on deleting virtual accounts, in Viet Nam, the act of using virtual accounts with sexy avatar to comment on purpose of phishing, robbing Facebook accounts still continuously increases. Bkav's statistics show that after 3 months, the number of such comments on Facebook has increased 3 times in comparision with the figure of December 2018.

Afternoon February 14, Bkav's virus surveillance system has issued a warning on a targeted attack campaign by foreign hackers targeting Public Servers of Viet Nam. Particularly, hackers in this campaign only attack servers, unlike previous ransomwares that usually targeted workstations.

In 2018, the damage caused by computer viruses to Vietnamese users reached a record of VND 14,900 billion, equivalent to USD 642 million, 21% higher than the damage in 2017. This is the result of the cyber security assessment conducted by Bkav Corporation in December 2018.

A few hours before the tickets of the AFF Cup Finals went on sale, on December 9, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) issued a notice about the discovery of a fake website selling online tickets

Early this afternoon (Nov 10), hackers continue to release data and claim to belong to the system (supply chain for moms and babies) on raidforums. After being downloaded and checked, the data are profiles of more than 2000 employees

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