Lots of gamers have recently been attracted to some websites named “hack game”. Arcording to the investigation held by Bkis center, this is actually a kind of phishing attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details of gamers.

These phishers created websites claiming that they were able to “hack” some online games, those that are of the most prevalent such as Võ lâm Truyền kỳ (Vinagame), Thiên Long Bát Bộ (FPT Online), Audition (VTC Games)… It was said that gamers could gain an amount of virtual money much more greater than usual if they submitted their money to these websites when they bought a new game card.

Howerver, after having put their money into the websites, gamers would have their card information sent straight to the phishers’ email without having new money added to their game accounts. 

In order to fool victims, those cheater had already prepared several websites imitating the interfaces of official ones of online game providers. For each of money depositing forms (online depositing, SMS depositing), they made a corresponding fake website, with appropriate logo of the service providers such as VinaGame, FPT, VTC, Entrust… Therefore, if not careful, customers could mistakenly take them as the legal sites and be deceived. This is a kind of social engineering techniques where phishers uses such a big profit to trick online game customers into their deceit.

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