Bkav Corporation has just issued an alert stating that more than 735,000 computers in Vietnam have been infected with cryptomining virus W32.CoinMiner. The virus can take control of the victim’s computer and use it to mine cryptocurrency, which will lead the computer to slow and lagging situation, causing discomfort when using.

W32.CoinMiner infects by hacking into computers that exist SMB vulnerability. This vulnerability was once exploited by WannaCry virus to infect more than 300.,000 computers in the world within a few hours. According to Bkav’s statistics, more than 50% computers in Vietnam have not got the patch for this vulnerability yet. After infection, virus takes control of the computer and uses its resource to mine cryptocurrency, which would slow down the computer. This not only causes inconvenience for users but also consumes power, reducing the life of computer.

More dangerously, virus is capable of updating and downloading other malware to delete data, steal personal information or even launch the APT attack.

Bkav experts suggest that if facing the situation of computers being slowed down, users can download the latest Bkav anti-virus software to kill virus and handle the issue. Particularly, customers of licensed Bkav Pro version will be protected automatically. Bkav Pro’s built-in artificial intelligence technology (AI) can handle all variants of cryptomining virus, no need to update new samples.


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