Bkav Corporation has just issued a warning about a new dangerous virus W32.CrashSMB, which causes computer to restart suddenly. A lot of networks with large number of computers have been stagnant by this virus incident. According to Bkav's statistics, 329,000 computers in Vietnam have been infected with this type of malware.

W32.CrashSMB spreads by exploiting computers that have SMB vulnerabilities. This is the attack technique that was used by the ‘famous’ virus WannaCry. After infection, the virus will take control of the computer, change the victim's device into a zombie before continuing its infection path to other computers on the same network. The obvious sign when a computer is infected with W32.CrashSMB is that the operating system sometimes reports error, then the computer is suddenly restarted or has blue screen error.

Because W32.CrashSMB takes control of the computer, users will face the risk of being spied on or stolen of their data, personal information, stolen bank accounts, Gmail and Facebook accounts and so on. At the same time, the computer will run very slowly because the virus uses system resources to dig virtual money.

Bkav experts recommend that users should regularly update the latest patch of the operating system, install permanent antivirus software to be automatically protected. Those clients who use a licensed version of Bkav Pro will be automatically updated with W32.CrashSMB signature and be protected by AI technology.


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