A few hours before the tickets of the AFF Cup Finals went on sale, on December 9, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) issued a notice about the discovery of a fake website selling online tickets, named Mr. Nguyen Hong Hao - Bkav's network security expert said, in the incident VFF unintentionally promoted the fake website.

Interface of fake website

According to the media announcements referenced to VFF, there are 4 websites selling tickets, including;;; In these 4, is the domain name of the fake website warned by VFF on December 9.

Announcements on official newspapers

This domain name is not registered by GMO - RUNSYSTEM (the partner providing online ticket system for VFF) but by an individual named Nguyen Xuan Minh, at iNET domain name provider. It is registered on December 8, just two days before the tickets are officially sold.

Domain registration information of fake website

Explaining why the list of selling ticket websites contained a fake one, Mr. Nguyen Hong Hao said: “There are two possibilities. The first reason may be due to VFF website’s being hacked and edited by hackers. The higher possibility is during the process of preparing VFF’s announcement, the editor mistakenly typed instead of The bad guy, after discovering this error, registered the domain name and created the fake website on December 8”.

Checking the fake website, Bkav's experts said, this website required personal information such as phone numbers, email. Especially, it suggested users installing an extension on browser to buy tickets faster. Analyzing the source code of the extension, experts said this utility required access to and This means hackers could occupy user's Facebook login session to perform unwanted tasks, as well as track user searches on Google.

Analyze extension’s source code on fake website

Users need to be very careful, don't access the fake website. Besides, the instructions to buy tickets posted on many official media channels still contain the domain ( of the fake website, VFF should ask the media agencies to update correct information”, Mr. Hao added.

4 official websites that sell AFF Cup Finals ticket are:

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