Bkav has issued an alert about a dangerous virus called W32.XFileUSB which has infected 1.2 million computers in Viet Nam. This virus can delete all data on victim’s USB. Bkav has updated all variants of the virus, users can download the latest Bkav anti-virus software to remove the virus and recover important data.

Bkav’s analysis shows that W32.XFileUSB virus spreads by tampering disk drive icon or shortcuts of data files on USB. Accordingly, data on user’s USB will be deleted by virus, replacing with fake files containing malware. These files have icons that are similar to disk drive or data file, therefore, when users want to open the files, they will click on virus files. This action will active the virus and unknowingly help spreading the virus.

More than 1.2 million computers infected with the virus and suffering data loss is a huge security vulnerability for the Internet in Viet Nam. In addition to data loss, as the virus can take control of computer, it can download other malware for espionage or even expanding to APT attack”, said Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Bkav's Vice President of Anti-Malware.

Bkav experts suggest if users are infected with virus and suffer data loss on USB, they can download the latest Bkav anti-virus software to kill virus and restore data lost.

Bkav Pro customers can be in peace of mind. Bkav Pro will automatically updat, and its built-in AI Artificial Intelligence technology will automatically analyze, detect and prevent threats from USB, avoiding the risk of virus deleting data.


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