Bkav Corporation has just issued an alert stating that more than 735,000 computers in Vietnam have been infected with cryptomining virus W32.CoinMiner. The virus can take control of the victim’s computer and use it to mine cryptocurrency, which will lead the computer to slow and lagging situation, causing discomfort when using.

Bkav has issued an alert about a dangerous virus called W32.XFileUSB which has infected 1.2 million computers in Viet Nam. This virus can delete all data on victim’s USB. Bkav has updated all variants of the virus, users can download the latest Bkav anti-virus software to remove the virus and recover important data.

Bkav has released a warning that more than 139,000 computers in Viet Nam have been infected with new cryptocurrency mining virus named W32.AdCoinMiner. The virus spreads through online advertising service and through software vulnerabilities in order to take control of victim's computer to mine cryptocurrency.

According to statistics from Bkav's virus surveillance system, more than 35,000 smartphones in Vietnam were infected with GhostTeam virus that stole Facebook passwords (by January 25, 2018). This malware leveraged a variety of Vietnamese popular apps on Google Play to spread. Bkav advises users conduct a virus scan and immediately change their Facebook account passwords if they detect that their smartphone was infected.

In 2017, the damage caused by computer viruses to Vietnamese users has reached VND 12,300 billion, equivalent to USD 540 million, far from VND 10,400 billion of the last year. This is the result of the cyber security assessment conducted by Bkav Corporation in December 2017. The damage in Viet Nam has hit a record in recent years.

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