Not offcially launched in Vietnam as well as many other countries, the wildly popular new game Pokémon GO can still be downloaded from unofficial sources on the Internet, from which fake apps appear and some cases have put user’s smartphone at risk. Taking a deep look into several of such apps, Bkav identified the malware capable of taking full control of Android devices.

Early March, researchers discovered deadly DROWN vulnerability in OpenSSL that affects more than 11 million modern websites and e-mail services protected by SSLv2 protocol. Bkav took a deep look into Viet Nam’s situation, and learned that hundreds of important websites were affected, putting users’ data as passwords, private information, credit card details at risk of being stolen.

In early November, vBulletin forum software was hacked, typically with the attack on the official website of vBulletin causing a breach of critical data of its customers. vBulletin then issused a security patch and recommended its users update as soon as possible. However, according to Bkav, users are still highly at risk.

Last week, researchers found nearly 600TB of 30,000 MongoDB instances were accessible over the Internet without any authorization enabled. Bkav took a deep look into Viet Nam’s situation, and learned that 1,507GB stored in 1,300 databases are exposed.

Mountain View, Calif., April. 22, 2015 – Bkav Internet Security Corporation today releases an independent research which indicates 1.4 million routers worldwide are left unpatched against two long unearthed critical flaws. Dubbing it Pet Hole, Bkav says the issue is more dangerous than Heartbleed, the most notorious flaw of the year 2014.

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