In the April 1 entry (, Bkis announced that there are now only 1.3 million Conficker.C infected machines worldwide. This number was recorded by our malware trap – Bkis Honeypot System. How could such an exact number be figured out? Let’s have a look at the working principle of the system:

Up till now the whole world has gone through April 1, and it is possible to assure that the Conficker worm did not return as common beliefs. This also coincides with what our Radar system has recorded.

Yesterday, two systems supervising the activity of Conficker 24/24 are set up by Bkis. The first system is Honeypot to trap Conficker “call home” globally. And the second is Bkis Radar System to find the source of the distribution by scanning 50 thousand domain names that Conficker might use on April 1st.

According to Bkis’ analyses, Conficker Worm’s code is closely related to that of Nimda worm which spread world-widely in September 2001. By that time, Nimda was determined to originate from China by our experts. Therefore, it is almost certain that Conficker has Chinese origin.

I have just received a message from a friend on Yahoo! Messenger saying

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