Last week, researchers found nearly 600TB of 30,000 MongoDB instances were accessible over the Internet without any authorization enabled. Bkav took a deep look into Viet Nam’s situation, and learned that 1,507GB stored in 1,300 databases are exposed.

Mountain View, Calif., April. 22, 2015 – Bkav Internet Security Corporation today releases an independent research which indicates 1.4 million routers worldwide are left unpatched against two long unearthed critical flaws. Dubbing it Pet Hole, Bkav says the issue is more dangerous than Heartbleed, the most notorious flaw of the year 2014.

Bkav Security – a member of Bkav Corporation has released its research on the security of free WiFi in Vietnam. The result shows that free WiFi in all cities is not secure.

Updated May 7: Bkav has completed re-checking the issue with cloud IaaS service of Amazon, HP and GoGrid. We find that Amazon has fully patched their images, while the two others leave the issue unsolved. Not long ago, Bkav received a request from a customer using our security product. He reported signs of malware on his server, which was then identified as an Amazon’s cloud...

Last week, I read a blog post about using Google Drive as phishing page to steal users’ account information. In spite of being an user frequently handling Google Drive to store data as well as using Google’s preview function, I was quite surprised when finding this information.

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