Even though having dropped out of the top 5, which is the first time since Dec 2007, W32.Dashfer still continues to pose a major threat to PC users in Vietnam. Last month, a large number of Vietnam Hosting Service Providers’s servers have face the problem of this virus. As a result, each time accessing to these servers, visitors would see some malicious iframe attached into websites’ content.

1.256.000 PCs in Vietnam have been infected by a Chinese virus named W32.Kavo and its variants in June 2008. The statistic result given by Bkis virus supervisory system also shows that there were 639 new variants of Kavo found in the wild in this month, which means 21.3 new variants daily and sets a new record of virus varying speed.

2.675 new computer virus families, 2670 of which are exotic, have been put into wild during June and infected over 5.462.000 computers. Getting into more than 101.000 PCs, W32.SecretW.Worm has been the most widely spread of all.

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