Free WiFi in all Vietnam cities is not secure
09:34:00 | 22-12-2014

Bkav Security – a member of Bkav Corporation has released its research on the security of free WiFi in Vietnam. The result shows that free WiFi in all cities is not secure.

The research was carried out from August to November 2014 in all cities covering free WiFi in Vietnam as Da Nang, Haiphong, Hoi An, Ha Long… Accordingly, the credentials of users such as accounts, passwords, credit card information can be stolen… when using free WiFi in these cities. Bkav experts also found that users would face three main types of attack as Man-in-the-middle, Phishing and SSID Spoofing.

Mr. Do Dac Khanh, Senior researcher of Bkav, states: “These risks originate from the fact that free WiFi system is limited to security control measures to meet the convenience, easy usage and particularly frequent change of users. Therefore, users should not use personal information log-in services such as signing in emails, social networks, performing online transactions… when connecting to free WiFi.”

To overcome this situation, in case of accessing important services, users should access via virtual private networks (VPN) to create secure information exchange channel. Experts also recommend users install antivirus software and turn on regular firewall to be protected comprehensively.

Full research is available here.

Bkav Security