More than 1,500GB data in Vietnam leaked
10:58:00 | 22-07-2015

Last week, researchers found nearly 600TB of 30,000 MongoDB instances were accessible over the Internet without any authorization enabled. Bkav took a deep look into Viet Nam’s situation, and learned that 1,507GB stored in 1,300 databases are exposed.

MongoDB Checker built by Bkav

Specifically, affected older versions of MongoDB lack a 'bind_ip' option set in the mongodb.conf, leaving their server vulnerable if the user is unaware of the setting.

According to Bkav, a normal user who only knows MongoDB server IP could access and read information stored in this database.

By verifying IP address and domain, it is shown that these data are related to many big economic and commercial sites, some news sites, game databases and a government site in Vietnam.

Bkav has urgently called and informed affected organizations and supported them to address the issue.

MongoDB users are advised to check the current version. If MongoDB is version 2.6.7 or older than version 2.6, the user need to set firewall to prevent illegal access and upgrade to newest version.

System administrators can also use Bkav’s tool dubbed MongoDB Checker to check whether their systems are remotely accessible or not. The tool is available here Click on the link and put your server’s IP address to perform the check.